Could Your Business Survive A $200,000,000 Verdict?

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A loss event that results in a large-scale jury award can erode a company’s bottom line and reputation. The potential is just one large claim could devastate your business with broad consequences to your operations, resources, stakeholder confidence and future growth.

Learn what’s driving this trend of exceptionally high jury awards and what your organization can do to minimize the risk of making the National Law Journal’s Top 100 Verdicts.


The Top 100 Verdicts of 2022

Massive jury awards continue to grow in size and frequency—a reflection of social inflation and an increasingly litigious landscape. See which cases made the National Law Journal’s Top 100 verdicts of 2022.

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Motor Vehicle Verdicts Over $30 Million

A large-scale auto loss can hit your business from any direction. Travelers can help manage verdicts like the ones that topped the National Law Journal’s Top 100 Verdicts.

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Top Workplace Negligence Judgments

Even with the proper preventive measures in place, an unpredictable workplace negligence event can impact your business and bottom line.

Workers wearing safety gear discussing workplace negligence in a manufacturing facility.

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Guess the Verdict: Identify the Multimillion-Dollar Jury Award for Each Lawsuit

The Top 100 Verdicts showcase the largest jury awards of 2021. See if you can guess which multimillion-dollar jury award belongs to each lawsuit.

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