Creating Relationships Designed for Construction Success

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The right surety relationship makes all the difference

In the construction business, success is all about getting things right. This is especially true when choosing a surety partner. At Travelers Construction Surety, our employees are trained to build solid business-growing relationships with every client — on every project. They do this with an expert understanding of each client’s challenges, needs and goals. We believe getting the relationship right is the best way to build business success.

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Building a Next Level Surety Relationship

Expertise, experience and understanding are just the beginning of how we build our client’s business. We also offer a range of advanced services, including:

  • Peer group analysis
  • Leadership development
  • Succession and strategic planning
  • Overhead benchmarking
  • And more.

Learn how Travelers helps contractors succeed. Watch the video.

When Time and Expertise Are Critical, So Is Travelers Surety: Sanibel Causeway Emergency Repairs

Less than a month after Hurricane Ian left the Sanibel Causeway impassable, traffic access was restored.1
Before repairs to the three-mile-long structure could begin, Travelers contractor customers had to post a guarantee, in the form of a performance and payment bond, that they would complete the job and pay the hundreds of subcontractors, vendors and suppliers who would work around the clock to complete this monumental task.

Watch the video to see how having the right surety relationship helped make it happen.

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