Use Customized Construction Insights to Gain a Competitive Edge

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We know the construction business can be tough, and any opportunity to gain an edge is valuable in an increasingly competitive environment. Wouldn’t you like to know how your balance sheet compares to that of your peers? Or if you have enough capital in your company to support the growth that you’re looking to achieve?

The Travelers Peer Group Analysis (PGA), along with a conversation with your surety underwriter, can help you seize opportunities while mitigating risks your business faces by providing insights to those very questions, and others, such as:

  • How does your profitability stack up to similar businesses?
  • How profitable are your jobs versus other companies like yours?
  • Are your revenue and margin trends over the last five years on par with other industry participants?

Competitive analysis is valuable because it allows you to learn from the successes – and failures – experienced by your peers. It can help you raise the bar and improve your business performance. It can also help you identify your business’s weak spots by gaining insight to strengthen them.

The value and importance of competitive analysis.

The PGA conversation can benefit construction companies of any age, size or type. Our surety experts use robust data, skilled underwriting and a strong one-on-one relationship with leaders at your company to think about your business in a different way, ultimately helping your business succeed. Here’s how it works:

A dedicated underwriter compares your business to a select group of similar contractors whose data has been aggregated and anonymized to ensure confidentiality. From this in-depth review, the underwriter draws insights relevant to your business. Through this relationship we provide valuable observations that can help your business thrive over time.

“Every business is different. We approach the PGA conversation through a thoughtful lens. You gain the value of an experienced underwriter who knows your business – and your industry – and can explain the data and insights in a meaningful way,” said Paul Nebraska, Vice President, Construction Surety at Travelers. “It’s actionable business intelligence that can help your business succeed.”

Strategically apply peer group analysis information.

Our underwriters provide personalized business intelligence. We help your company better understand where you are now and how to get to where you want to go.

Your company can apply the information uncovered through the PGA conversation to help:

  • Amplify strategic growth opportunities.
  • Strategically plan your balance sheet.
  • Make more informed risk management decisions.
  • Evaluate the scope and types of projects you work on.
  • Identify areas for improvement.

Choose a consulting-style relationship and approach.

As a leading surety provider, Travelers is committed to providing customers with a holistic, consultative approach. That means we team with our independent agents and brokers to help contractors succeed.

Travelers Peer Group Analysis is one more way Travelers Construction Surety takes relationships beyond the bond.

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