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Risk management solutions for construction contractors

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Travelers knows construction

We know that with great risk comes great responsibility. And we understand that keeping workers and the community safe while protecting the reputation of your business is key. Travelers helps contractors develop effective, customized construction insurance plans to harness those risks, create a culture of safety and manage their cost of risk – all while staying competitive.

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Part of the crew

Those who work with us see us as an extension of their team, relied upon to help ensure the smooth operation of their businesses. Our people live and work in your world. Meet some of the Travelers employees who live and breathe construction.

Our industry expertise

There are many types of risks that can threaten the success of your project and overall business. These projects range from contractual and surety needs to environmental exposures to site security. Now is the time to work with an insurer with a deep understanding of and commitment to the construction industry. 

We’ll leverage our expertise, work with you to uncover potential pitfalls others may have missed and provide construction insurance solutions that will help you get ahead of risk. 

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Construction products and services

Our construction insurance products and services are designed to meet contractors’ unique and challenging exposures. Many of our seasoned professionals in underwriting, Claim and Risk Control came from the industry, and they’re committed to meeting your insurance needs.

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Solutions for small businesses

Travelers offers small business solutions to help you protect and grow your business.


Project management innovations that help meet industry challenges

Procore®’s* all-in-one construction platform helps key stakeholders, owners, general contractors, architects and engineers to: 

  • Collaborate and work efficiently across locations and devices.
  • Finish quality projects safely, on time and within budget. 


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Insights to help you manage risks at work and on the road

Business person smiling and carrying a red folder.

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