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Construction workers in safety gear conferring on work site.

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Construction Resources

4 Key Steps for Construction Projects to Help Protect Your Company

Pre-construction surveys and project documentation are items to keep in mind before a project. Follow our pre-construction checklist for more tips.

Man surveying new construction site.

Construction Resources

5 Equipment Innovations Impacting Construction Business Operations

Recent innovations in construction equipment can provide contractors with new abilities and enhance safety and productivity. Explore equipment innovations that are making an impact in the construction business.

Female construction worker at job site looking at tablet.

Construction Resources

5 Innovations Impacting Construction Job Site Safety

Construction job sites can present workers with a variety of hazards. Explore five areas of innovation impacting construction job site safety.

Woman in construction using virtual reality technology to improve safety on the job site.

Construction Resources

5 Key Questions for Developing a Sound Lift Plan

A well-crafted crane lift plan can help your team stay safe. Here are some considerations when developing a lift plan.

Crane lifting heavy load at construction site.

Construction Resources

6 Technologies Impacting Construction Defect Risk

Technological innovations can provide construction companies with safety, productivity and risk management. Learn about Travelers construction insurance.

Overhead view of two construction site managers or workers studying blueprints.

Construction Resources

Avoiding Opioid Addiction in the Construction Industry

Construction sites contain many health and safety risks, which can lead to chronic pain, a condition that is often treated with highly addictive opioids. Learn how Travelers is taking action.

Avoiding Opioid Addiction in the Construction Industry.

Construction Resources

Awareness of Risks Can Help Avoid Construction Vibration Damage

Understanding the science behind vibration damage can help construction companies avoid costly, and frequent, construction losses.

Construction worker surveying site for vibration damage risks.

Construction Resources

2020 Vision: Construction and the New Financial Downturn

Although not all economic downturns are the same, construction firms can learn from the past. We offer a unique perspective informed by real data from the Great Recession to gain perspective on what this financial downturn can mean for the construction industry and what firms can do to weather the storm.

2020 Vision: Construction and the New Financial Downturn.

Construction Resources

Bridge Construction: Fall Prevention Tech Innovations Can Help Protect Workers’ Lives

The construction industry has come a long way in protecting its bridge construction workers with fall prevention innovations and training. Explore the fall prevention technology that can help protect workers.

Partially constructed bridge with fall prevention technologies in place.

Construction Resources

Construction Job Site Hot Work Safety

Poorly managed or controlled hot work activities on construction projects can result in many devastating, costly losses, sometimes involving injuries. Learn more about hot work job site safety for construction projects.

Man in gold mask welding in a factory.

Construction Resources

Construction Job Site New Hire Orientation

Many safety items must be taught to construction new hires before they are involved in work production. Explore the importance of construction job site orientation to new hires.

Construction new hires attending orientation at a job site.

Construction Resources

Construction Risk Management

Construction defects can be extremely costly. Help prevent unnecessary construction defect costs with construction risk management tips from Travelers.

Illustration of people with helmets.

Construction Resources

Skilled Labor Shortages in Construction

Skilled labor shortages are a rising issue in construction, but hiring unqualified workers can have long-term negative impacts. Learn more from Travelers.

A female construction worker in safety gear drilling on metal.

Construction Resources

Contractors' Equipment: Rent, Buy, Borrow or Refurbish?

The choice can have a long-lasting impact on your business. Here’s a look at the benefits and risks to these options for filling your equipment needs.

Construction site.

Construction Resources

Don't Let Shortfalls Be Your Downfall: Navigating Construction's Labor, Equipment and Materials Constraints

Increasing costs, labor and material shortages, and project delays are shaking up the construction industry. Discover strategies to overcome these challenges.

Text on a red background reading "don't let shortfalls be your downfall: navigating construction's labor, equipment and materials constraints".

Construction Resources

Do You Have a Contractual Risk Transfer Program?

A contractual risk transfer (CRT) program can help protect contractors when working with third-party services or products.

Person signing a certificate of insurance.

Construction Resources

Employee Injury Trends in Construction

Every construction site can have risks that increase the risk of injury severity and lost time. Learn more about employee injury trends in construction.

Icon of a person hammering.

Construction Resources

Finding an Effective Construction Subcontractor

Subcontractors can have a significant impact on your financial and operational risks. Here are some tips from Travelers to help reduce risks when selecting a construction subcontractor.

Construction site contractor meeting with subcontractor.

Construction Resources

Going Beyond OSHA's Minimum Standards for Crane Safety

Companies preparing for crane operator OSHA certification should also train their supporting team about ongoing safe crane operations.

Construction workers on crane site reviewing OSHA standards.

Construction Resources

Is Your Construction Operation Compliant with OSHA's Silica Standard?

The silica standard requires the construction industry to take steps to protect employees from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Learn more from Travelers.

Construction worker drilling into concrete wall.

Construction Resources

How Technology Is Transforming Construction Job Site Safety

Innovative technology continues to play an important role in improving job site safety, and now it can help manage your construction firm’s response to the pandemic.

How technology transforms construction safety logo.

Construction Resources

Understanding Conditional Payment Clauses in Construction Contracts

Learn more about conditional payment clauses in construction projects.

Construction worker and construction site owner agreeing on a contract.

Construction Resources

The Hidden Risks of Bringing a Crane onto Your Job Site

Cranes can be the most productive pieces of equipment and can also be the most dangerous. We explore real-life crane accidents and discuss lessons learned and the responsibilities that general contractors and subcontractors face with crane operations.

The Hidden Risks of Bringing a Crane Onto Your Job Site [Videos].

Construction Resources

Job Site Safety Technology: 5 Things to Consider Before Implementing

Here are some considerations before implementing construction safety technology at your job site.

Two construction employees supervise the work.

Construction Resources

Types of Construction Defects

Construction defects originate from four main sources. Understand the types of construction defects, how to identify them and help prevent future liability claims.

Illustration of a broken pipe.

Construction Resources

Material-Handling Strategies for Contractors to Help Avoid Injuries

Utilizing safe material handling techniques can help workers protect their health and well-being on and off the worksite.

Contractor picking up piping on a jobsite.

Construction Resources

Risks to Utility Contractors as Demand Grows

While the utility industry typically has stringent safety procedures in place for employees, increased spending on utility work could attract contractors from other fields that may lack experience with specific safety procedures.

Utility contractors on a construction site.

Construction Resources

Mitigating Construction Defects with a Quality Control Program

A construction quality control plan can help mitigate risks of construction defect losses.

Construction worker inspecting for construction defects.

Construction Resources

What Are Roles and Responsibilities During Crane Operations?

Having a well-trained team is an important aspect of crane safety. Learn about the responsibilities of four key roles during crane operations.

Person sitting in cab of construction vehicle.

Construction Resources

Preparing Your Construction Site for Severe Weather

Severe weather damage can add both cost and time to a construction project. Learn how to help protect your construction site from severe weather.

Severe weather rolling in to a construction site.

Construction Resources

Staying Safe Around Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment can be very dangerous for both workers and pedestrians.


Construction Resources

Protecting Against Common Fire Risks During Construction

Help protect your site against construction fires by knowing top fire risks and how to help prevent them.

Construction worker welding as part of hot work operations.

Construction Resources

Risk Transfer: Understanding Potential Damages Due to Unexcused Construction Project Delays

An unexcused delay in a construction project could lead to unexpected liabilities for contractors. Knowing the types of damages can help contractors minimize their liability for damages.

Construction worker holding a clipboard looking over paperwork.

Construction Resources

Suicide in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has higher rates of suicide than workers in many other industry groups, exceeded only by mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction workers.

Ladder in front of a blank, white wall.

Construction Resources

BEWARE: The Backlog Trap - Avoid Common Challenges When Picking Construction Projects

Beware the backlog trap and avoid common challenges when picking construction projects.

BEWARE: The Backlog Trap - Avoid Common Challenges When Picking Construction Projects.

Construction Resources

The Construction Risk Landscape

Every construction site has its risks. From work zone accidents to contractual risk transfer, explore how Travelers can help in this interactive risk landscape.

Construction workers pouring concrete at a construction site.

Construction Resources

Protecting Your Construction Site from Fire, Water and Theft

Learn how to help protect your construction site from common builders risks such as fire, water damage and vandalism.

Hard hat area sign in front of construction site.

Construction Resources

Training the Superintendent of Tomorrow

It's not too early to think about training the next generation of superintendents so that they'll be prepared to bring the skills they'll need to safely and effectively manage a construction site.

Construction worker training to be a superintendent

Construction Resources

Managing Your Construction Risk

Managing construction project risks effectively helps protect your reputation and bottom line. Travelers shares six tips for construction risk management.

Construction workers analyzing risk while standing in a warehouse.

Construction Resources

How to Onboard Construction Workers

Construction companies can help protect workers by hiring candidates with a focus on safety and giving ongoing safety training.

Person onboarding construction workers in a classroom.

Construction Resources

Using Temporary Heaters on Construction Sites

The cold weather season is a time when temporary heaters on construction sites are in high demand. Get tips on using temporary heating.

Temporary heater on a construction site.

Construction Resources

Insurance Considerations for the Unique Risks of Millwright Contractors

Millwrights are entrusted to construct or install expensive machinery and materials. Find out if your insurance is enough to fully protect against incidents.

Silver equipment pipes.

Construction Resources

Strategies and Best Practices for Construction Fleet Safety

Motor vehicle accidents are a top source of injury for construction workers. Explore construction fleet safety strategies and best practices to help keep workers safe.

dump truck unloading - road closed sign

Construction Resources

Common Construction Project Delivery Methods and Professional Liability: Managing the Risks

In the construction industry, project delivery methods will vary by project, owner and client. Learn more about three types of project delivery methods.

Contractor standing in front of construction site.

Construction Resources

Constructive Conversations About Suicide Prevention

Mental health is a major issue in the construction industry. Watch construction workers share their firsthand experiences and how they are addressing mental health.

Workers walking on the construction field.

Construction Resources

Hat to Hat: Construction Defect

Travelers' construction industry expertise coupled with its longstanding customer relationship helped to mitigate a construction defect issue.

Hat to hat.

Construction Resources

Weathering the Perfect Storm: Suicide in Construction and What the Industry Can Do to Help

Explore the factors contributing to incidents of death by suicide of workers in the construction industry and what the industry can do to help.

weathering the perfect storm

Construction Resources

Tackling Rising Construction Insurance Claim Costs in the Wake of Labor Shortages

The construction industry is facing a rise in claim costs and continued labor shortages. Learn about these challenges and how Travelers can help mitigate losses.

Travelers logo on a red webinar background with the words "A Contractor’s Conundrum: Tackling Rising Claim Costs in the Wake of Labor Shortages" on it.

Construction Resources

How Contractors Can Prepare for New Opportunities in High-Tech Manufacturing

Discover what opportunities construction contractors can expect from the increasing demand of U.S.-based high-tech manufacturing facilities with this webinar from Travelers.

Travelers logo on red background with text, Panel Discussion: Preparing for the New Opportunities in High-Tech Manufacturing

Construction Resources

Construction Risk Management During Civil Unrest

During times of civil unrest and riots, construction sites can be impacted significantly. Learn how to develop a construction risk management plan from Travelers.

Construction Risk Management During Civil Unrest.

Construction Resources

Fall Protection Safety Quick Tips for Job Sites

Understanding proper fall protection is critical for worker safety and injury prevention. Learn the top fall protection safety tips with Travelers.

A construction manager with her crew surveying a job site.

Construction Resources

What to Know About Post-Fall Rescue

Rescue plans are important for keeping fallen workers safe. Learn more about the hazards of suspension and how to protect workers with a rescue plan today.

Female construction worker looking up at a lift.

Construction Resources

3 Construction Work Zone Safety Tips

Preparation, inspection, and worker training are critical steps to keeping a construction work zone safe. Explore our top work zone safety tips today.

Orange construction safety sign in a busy city street.

Construction Resources

How General Contractors Can Help Safeguard Against Pollution Liability with Subcontractors

Pollution risks can threaten the financial and reputational well-being of a general contractor. Learn how to protect against claims.

man inspecting construction site

Take the workforce pressure test

The Workforce Pressure Test can help determine if you are doing enough to help ensure your employees are skilled, safe and resilient.


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