Constructive Conversations About Suicide Prevention

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Talking about suicide is never easy, especially in a work environment. And yet the construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide among its workers, signaling a need for just that — more awareness and conversation about the issue. 

By supporting and encouraging constructive and thoughtful conversations with their employees, businesses may help lower their risk of employees dying by suicide. And by creating an atmosphere of open dialogue about suicide and mental health in general, those who are struggling may be more likely to find the courage to seek help. 

Build Community Within Your Workplace

Shaun Carvalho, the Chief Safety Officer at Shawmut Design and Construction, talks about the value of initiating conversations with employees about mental health. The goal is to create an environment that opens the dialogue around mental health in the industry. 

Learn more from Shaun about how this approach can help foster community within your workplace. 

Demonstrating Support by Checking In

Alyssa Kwasny, the Wellness Program Director at Faith Technologies, has seen an increase in employees taking advantage of the mental health resources their company provides.

Alyssa shares how a daily check-in on employee mental health can reap big benefits.

It’s About What’s in Your Backpack

Mike Bennett is a Vice President at Cianbro Companies and has seen the value of creating an environment that supports mental health. It’s important to remember that people bring their personal lives and problems with them to work.

Mike shares how Cianbro leaders creatively encourage employees to clear their minds before diving into work and to be intentional with their words and actions toward others.


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