How Contractors Can Prepare for New Opportunities in High-Tech Manufacturing

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Opportunity abounds for construction contractors who can make the most of the increased demand for U.S.-based high-tech manufacturing facilities that produce semi-conductors, electronics, electric vehicles, EV batteries and more. With new federal funding and the increased demand from consumers and businesses for more American-made high-tech products, manufacturing is poised to make a significant shift. Construction companies that best understand the opportunities and the challenges will be well-positioned to make the most from this industry trend.

Chapter #1

Skilled Labor Shortages Raise Risks for Construction of High-tech Manufacturing Facilities

The lack of skilled and specialized labor for these projects can present risks of ongoing and completed operations losses from improper installations and construction defects.

Casey Banks, Construction Risk Control Manager, Northwest Region at Travelers, discusses the lack of skilled labor and the risks it can present in high-tech manufacturing construction.

Chapter #2

Manufacturing Facilities Help Refuel the Renewable Energy Supply Chain

As more high-tech manufacturing facilities are built in the U.S., the renewable energy industry can look forward to a more reliable supply chain of quality parts and supplies and fewer shipping delays.

Eileen Kauffman, Vice President/National Practice Lead, Renewable Energy at Travelers, shares the impact of recent government investment in the construction of high-tech manufacturing facilities.

Watch the Full Replay: How Construction Companies Can Prepare for New Opportunities in High-tech Manufacturing

With the influx of federal investment and consumer and business trends fueling an increased demand for American-made high-tech products, manufacturers are poised for a significant shift in their business outlook.

In this webinar, we examine how contractors can make the most of this growing appetite for U.S.-based high-tech manufacturing.

Jennifer Lee, VP/National Practice Lead, Large Loss Sensitive and Projects, Construction at Travelers, facilitates the conversation and outlines the key drivers of increased demand for construction in the high-tech arena.

Don Naber, EVP of Safety, Risk and Insurance at Gilbane Building Company, shares compelling insights on the potential benefits for local, state and U.S. economies as well as some challenges to look out for. 

Casey Banks, Construction Risk Control Manager, Northwest Region at Travelers, brings to light the types of issues contractors should prepare for when they pursue these types of projects, including the potential professional and environmental exposures and what contractors can do to mitigate these risks.

Eileen Kauffman, VP/National Practice Lead, Renewable Energy at Travelers, describes some of the government incentives available for renewable energy projects and the types of manufacturing facilities likely to be built for this sector.

  Navigate to these timestamps in the full webinar below:

  • Key drivers fueling the demand for high-tech construction (1:33)
  • How contractors can prove they can deliver (4:10)
  • Labor shortage challenges (11:03)
  • Environmental exposures (13:55)
  • Professional risks (14:54)
  • How to mitigate risk (15:58)
  • Incentives for renewable energy projects (17:00)
  • The game changer for the sector (21:00)
  • Risk from this increased demand (22:50)
  • Advice for the project team (28:04)

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