Construction Innovation

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The safety, productivity and profitability of your jobs can be improved with innovative technologies. Because construction is so complex, you need a deep understanding of the risks to know which innovations can help add value to your business. There is no substitute for knowledge and hands-on experience — which is exactly why at Travelers, we roll up our sleeves and dig deep.

Innovation: We Dig Deep

Whether we're on-site or off, Travelers construction specialists dig deep using our vast industry experience, innovative thinking and a thorough test-and-learn methodology to develop, evaluate and implement the innovative capabilities that can offer real value to your business.

We invest time and resources to see which construction innovations rise to the top.

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Construction Industry Insurance

Innovations and new technologies in construction are advancing more rapidly than ever. Now is the time to work with an insurance carrier that has a deep understanding of the construction industry's insurance needs.

Industry Expertise

We offer products and services to serve a wide range of contractors, including:

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