Pre-Breach Services to Help Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

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Preparation is key to mitigating a potential cyber-related event. To assist organizations in achieving a higher level of cybersecurity, Travelers now offers CyberRisk and CyberRisk Tech policyholders pre-breach services through HCL Technologies, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions. Get protection against cyberattacks.

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HCL Technologies cyber resilience readiness assessment and cybersecurity professional consultation

Designed for an organization to quickly understand current cybersecurity posture, this online assessment focuses on security specific to malicious attackers, attacks from well-meaning insiders, disgruntled employees or accidental security breach as well as what is needed to defend against them. 

The Cyber Resilience Readiness Assessment tool was created using the combined experience of HCL Technologies' 25,000 security professionals worldwide and has been tailored to address specific security concerns faced by organizations today. Businesses will receive an official report and up to one hour of consultation with an HCL Technologies cybersecurity professional to help improve areas of weakness or vulnerability. 

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HCL Technologies cybersecurity awareness training

People can be the strongest defense against both internal and external attackers. Educating your entire organization not only helps to minimize potential attacks but can reduce internal security accidents. 
HCL Technologies offers a collection of innovative security literacy and role-based training designed to help companies reduce vulnerabilities while creating an informed corporate culture, influencing employees to protect an organization’s critical information assets from exploitation, cyberattacks, unauthorized access and fraud. This training can be accessed through a cloud-based learning management system hosted by HCL Technologies or on an existing SCORM-compliant LMS platform, providing an easily available solution regardless of your organization’s size and capabilities.

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HCL Technologies cybersecurity coach helpline

Many businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to address all their cybersecurity needs. Using the HCL Technologies cybersecurity coach helpline can help fill those gaps by providing much-needed expertise and aid in paving the way for a stronger cybersecurity program.   
This confidential service is available for up to one hour of consultation at no additional cost. The helpline will provide actionable advice and answer cybersecurity questions such as:

  • "What types of data should be encrypted?"
  • What are some best practices for security mobile devices?
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HCL Technologies consulting services

Boost your cybersecurity readiness with HCL Technologies solutions including HCL Technologies Cyber Security Incident Response Review, HCL Technologies Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and HCL Technologies Cyber Security Architecture Review.

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What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Every company faces cyber threats and risks. Cyber insurance coverage can help protect your company. Learn more with Travelers Insurance.


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