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Success Story

Travelers IntelliDrive® Fleet Safety Solutions
The road to a safer fleet.

Vehicle telematics is a technology that supports fleet safety

What happens to vehicles and drivers when they're on the road? That's a question many safety and risk managers need to answer in order to build programs that keep their drivers safe, their vehicles in good operation and loss costs under control.

How Travelers can help

Travelers IntelliDrive® Fleet Safety Solutions provides solutions that use technology, not simply a technology solution. Our risk management professionals can work with customers to help them understand their risks, determine what information they need to shape their fleet safety programs and identify telematics technology that will work best for their needs. We can also help provide effective driver feedback and coaching.

Auto accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. By reducing the risk of motor vehicle accidents, customers not only limit their liability, but preserve the life and health of their employees.Travelers IntelliDrive Fleet Safety Solutions can help by turning insights into concrete ways to improve fleet safety and reduce the substantial costs of operating a fleet.

Graph of  costs per claim by cause of injury

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