What Is Errors and Omissions Coverage (E&O)?

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance helps protect against the costs of allegations made by clients for inadequate work, negligent actions or failure to provide the expected level of service. As a professional operating in today’s increasingly litigious environment, you could easily be subject to allegations by unhappy clients who may feel they’ve been harmed by your actions or inactions. E&O insurance from Travelers can be customized to protect you and your company from the unique risks you face while working in your profession.

Who needs errors and omissions insurance?

For some professionals, contracts require E&O coverage in the event that a mistake, real or perceived, is made that costs your client money or damages their reputation. Even if you aren’t contractually required to carry E&O insurance, it’s a wise decision to help protect your business. 

Without E&O insurance coverage, your business may be responsible for the costs of legal defense should you be sued. Those costs can include defense costs and settlement costs, as well as the time required to respond to a claim and the potential damage to your company’s brand and reputation. 

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Travelers knows errors and omissions insurance

Travelers understands that regardless of how well you plan, the potential for mistakes in the performance of a professional service is still very real. Your business's financial security can depend on how well protected you are from a lawsuit or claim. For that reason, Travelers E&O insurance offers protection for an array of emerging exposures and for losses resulting from negligence or errors and omissions in the performance of professional services. 

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Accounting professionals, including tax preparers and consultants, can be at risk for liability exposure in handling the sensitive financial information necessary to serve their clients.

Design professionals, including architects, engineers, land surveyors, construction managers and consultants, can face allegations of mistakes from clients.

Legal professionals can be at risk for potential exposure due to administrative mistakes or substantive errors of law.

Miscellaneous professional liability insurance is designed to protect a wide variety of professionals who work with clients in providing products or services.

Financial institutions such as insurance agencies, banks, credit unions and investment firms — and their directors, officers and employees — can benefit from E&O policy coverage.

Real estate professional liability insurance can help protect real estate professionals, including realtors, against the risks inherent in the course of working with buyers and sellers.

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