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The truth of the injury matter: fire safety

Fires are usually unexpected and can be devastating to a residential structure or commercial property. It is beneficial to have a fire safety plan in place, as it helps ensure the optimum use of all fire prevention and life safety features installed in your facility or residence. A comprehensive plan not only provides information regarding the procedures to follow in case of an emergency, but also informs employees and occupants of management’s commitment to their safety.

Your fire safety plan should highlight emergency procedures to be used in case of a fire, including sounding the alarm, notifying the fire department and evacuating building occupants. All employees/occupants and managers should be aware of the plan and properly trained on the procedures in place. The time to learn safety procedures is not during an emergency.

Our Risk Control Customer Portal offers detailed safety and risk management resources regarding the development of your fire safety plan, as well as information to help you effectively manage your facility’s fire protection system.