Travelers Benefit Program: Connecticut Crumbling Foundations

Welcome to the Travelers Benefit Program

It has been publicly reported that thousands of Connecticut homes are affected by the “crumbling concrete foundation” problem. The “crumbling” is the result of the presence of a mineral, pyrrhotite, in the aggregate from which affected concrete foundations were formed.  

The State of Connecticut has established the Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company (CFSIC) to provide financial assistance to affected Connecticut homeowners. The assistance provided by CFSIC, however, is not expected to cover all of the costs associated with pyrrhotite-related damage.

Travelers has established the Travelers Benefit Program -- a $5 million fund -- to assist affected Travelers customers (both current and past) by supplementing the assistance provided to them by CFSIC.

Brief Overview of the Travelers Benefit Program Process

The Travelers Benefit Program process consists of two distinct stages. The first is enrollment in the Travelers Benefit Program, and the second is issuance of a Travelers Benefit payment. Here are some of the key points of the two stages:

  • In order for eligible owner(s) of an affected home to become enrolled, they must submit an Application for Enrollment and must satisfy certain requirements related to participation in the CFSIC program.
  • In order for enrolled homeowner(s) to qualify for issuance of a Travelers Benefit payment, their CFSIC claim must have been fully paid. Upon receipt of required documentation, the amount of the Travelers Benefit available for the home is determined. Homeowner(s) who wish to accept the Travelers Benefit execute the Travelers Benefit Program Release. The Travelers Benefit payment then is issued, on the behalf of the homeowners, to their contractor(s) (or to the homeowner(s) to the extent that they have paid for the completed work).

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