Travelers Benefit Program Milestones

Here is list of events that may be helpful in tracking the status of a Travelers Benefit Program claim:

  1. The owner(s) of the affected home submit a CFSIC application and authorize CFSIC to provide all required documentation to Travelers.

  2. The homeowner(s) submit an Application for Enrollment in the Travelers Benefit Program.

  3. The Travelers Benefit Program determines whether the applicant(s) are qualified Travelers customer(s).

  4. CFSIC sends a CFSIC claim approval letter to applicant(s) and provides a copy to Travelers.

  5. If Travelers does not receive the CFSIC claim approval letter within six months of the application date, the applicant(s) are notified that their application has been placed on inactive status pending receipt of the CFSIC claim approval letter.

  6. When Travelers receives the CFSIC claim approval letter:
    • Travelers notifies applicant(s) who have been determined to be qualified Travelers customer that they have been enrolled as current or past customer(s);
    • Travelers notifies applicant(s) who have been determined not to be qualified Travelers customer that they are not eligible for enrollment.

  7. The enrollee(s)’ CFSIC claim progresses to the point they execute a CFSIC Participation Agreement, and CFSIC provides a copy to the Travelers.

  8. Travelers notifies the enrollee(s) it has received their CFSIC Participation Agreement.

  9. The enrollee(s)’ full CFSIC benefit is issued, and the CFSIC claim is closed.

  10. CFSIC provides the required documentation regarding the CFSIC benefit payment(s) to Travelers.

  11. Travelers notifies the enrollee(s) that the required documentation has been received from CFSIC and contacts them to obtain any additional information necessary to the determination of the Travelers Benefit.

  12. Travelers informs the enrollee(s) of the amount of the Travelers Benefit.

  13. Enrollee(s) who wish to dispute Travelers’ determination of the amount of the Travelers Benefit notify Travelers and provide any additional information they wish to have considered.

  14. Travelers informs disputing enrollee(s) that the amount it previously determined has or has not been revised.

  15. If there still is a disagreement, the enrollee(s) may request Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) review. CID decision is final.

  16. Enrollee(s) who wish to accept the benefit (as determined by Travelers or in the case of a disagreement, by CID) notify Travelers. Notice is sent to

  17. Travelers provides the enrollee(s) with a Travelers Benefit Program Release Agreement that sets forth the amount of their Travelers Benefit.

  18. All enrollee(s) execute the release agreement in the presence of a notary, and the original notarized copy is provided to Travelers.

  19. Travelers Benefit payment(s) are issued.