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Travelers Global Claim Services can respond to your claim needs in any part of the world. We provide continuity and consistency in managing claims by extending your company's claim handling preferences and corporate policies to overseas operations. To ensure that your company's claim service needs are met with a high level of competence and success, Travelers gives you its own dedicated international claim handling unit and access to an international network of local claim experts that provide responsive and efficient claim management.

Our experts can tap into local claim investigators and attorneys who know the customs and laws of their respective countries. Travelers has the capability to deliver superior claim service wherever you do business. Whether handling claims at home or overseas, we'll provide the same timely information you need for optimum financial control, the same proactive attention to your company's specific needs, and the same experienced, aggressive approach to claim resolution.

We also have separate claim units in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland operated by Travelers, as well as Lloyd's (United Kingdom). Each of these claim units has their own staff of claim professionals who know and understand local customs and practices and can provide the highest level of claim service.

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