Claim Capabilities

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Simplifying and expediting the claim process

Claim Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are core to our claim-handling capabilities and we are continuously applying emerging techniques to enhance our service while simplifying and expediting the claim process for you. From sophisticated geospatial technology to medical analytics, your claim will be supported by data-driven tools and resources that can help you with your claim. Here are a few examples of how we’re leveraging information to drive optimal claim outcomes.

Geospatial Tools

Geospatial intelligence gained through aerial imagery helps Travelers identify potential losses and informs claim response before and during a catastrophic event. These insights help us deploy the right resources and technical expertise.

Medical Analytics

Through the strategic use of medical data, expertise and sophisticated technology, Travelers can provide superior claim service that focuses on the management of medical costs.

Cargo Theft Protection

Travelers uses sophisticated analytic tools to identify trends in cargo theft routes, allowing for the identification of high-risk areas.

Attorney Propensity Predictive Model

Travelers leverages machine learning and predictive models to understand when attorney involvement may be likely in claims, preparing us to defend your brand, business and reputation.