Understanding Insurance Fraud

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Intentional car accidents, false workers compensation claims, staged slip-and-falls. Whether you call them scams, cons or rip-offs, they all share one common name: insurance fraud. Every year, billions of dollars are lost to these crimes, with individuals and businesses as the victims.

With Travelers dedicated Investigative Services team, you have the largest and most comprehensive fraud unit in the industry to help protect you or your business. We’re committed to putting an end to these fraudulent crimes. With your help, we can.

If you suspect fraud has been committed, file a report* by phone or via the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All statements are kept confidential and made available only to the Travelers Investigative Services Team. In addition, reports can be submitted anonymously—no questions asked.

Help us put a stop to insurance scams.

*Reports are submitted anonymously via our service provider Ethics Point.