Travelers Investigative Services

Travelers has more than 250 trained experts who work closely with our Claim professionals to identify and investigate suspected fraudulent claims.

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Our philosophy is simple: strive to eliminate fraud and loss through innovative solutions while helping customers like you.

Our business units specialize in the following:


Travelers Investigative Services has 31 investigators, including former fire marshals and law enforcement professionals, located throughout the country and dedicated to fire investigation services.

Our investigators have specialized training and can identify ongoing safety issues surrounding certain products. Our Fire Unit works closely with Travelers Risk Control to create a seamless method for investigating fires and explosions. Our panel of fire specialists is available when your business needs them most to investigate suspicious activity related to a fire and to ensure your claim will benefit from the best available technical and analytical services.

Forensic Analysis

Our Forensic Analysis Unit builds upon dynamic technology to evaluate and improve current and future fraud detection patterns.

We serve as a liaison to other business groups throughout Travelers, as well as external industry groups, to be the first alert for emerging fraud trends.

Medical Investigations

Travelers Medical Investigations Unit is committed to helping protect you and your employees from becoming victims of medical fraud schemes and abusive practices.


Our specialty team works to ensure your business receives specialized investigative services for claims involving:

  • Cargo theft
  • Jeweler's block
  • Art and antiques
  • Heavy equipment
  • Boat and yacht
  • Inland marine
  • Ocean marine

Our relationships with regional Travelers Investigative Services personnel, Claim professionals and clients help us successfully investigate theft and recover cargo and other stolen property.