Cities and Counties: A Great Opportunity for Agents

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Sound Advice 4 Savvy Agents – Video Series

Serving a niche market like cities and counties can be a smart way to differentiate and grow your business. Even though the insurance-buying process for this segment differs from a traditional business insurance opportunity and risks are unique, their need for comprehensive property and casualty coverage is often similar. 

Diane Barr, Vice President and Public Sector National Practice Lead at Travelers, helps take the mystery out of working with municipalities and other public entities. Leverage her extensive expertise and become a “savvy agent” for cities and counties.

Episode 1: Cities and Counties: A Fantastic Opportunity

From raising your profile with local leaders to enhancing your network and diversifying your book of business, discover the many reasons public entities may become your ideal client. 

Episode 2: Raise Your Profile with Key Players

In this episode, Diane demystifies the purchasing process. Learn more about who drives it and what goes into a "request for quote" or "request for proposal" for small and large cities and counties. 

Episode 3: Understanding Insurance Purchasing Process Basics

In Episode 3, learn how to navigate the unique and variable documentation, information requirements, timing and personnel that cities, towns and counties require in their insurance purchasing process.

Episode 4: Understanding Key Operations and Exposures

In Episode 4, public entities share many common risks as well as some that are entirely unique. From construction and infrastructure maintenance, law enforcement and emergency response services to public utilities and special events, Diane demystifies the risks and exposures you’ll need to understand to win public entity business.

Episode 5: Positioning Yourself to Win

Learn what you need to know to put yourself in the best position to win new public entity business and successfully service the specialized needs of towns, cities and counties. 

Episode 6: Engage with Your New Customer

There are many ways to build and sustain engagement with new customers in the public sector. In this episode, Diane Barr walks you through the steps you need to take to create a strong and lasting relationship with counties, cities, towns and other public entities.

Public Sector Success Starts Here

As a commercial insurance agent, you likely serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturers, construction companies and retailers. Municipalities perform similar kinds of operations and require property and casualty coverage, but they also have different exposures. For example, they may run police and fire departments, maintain high-value public property, operate parks and recreation facilities and manage sensitive constituent data. These are just some of the risks that should be contemplated when working with this segment.

In The Savvy Agent’s Guide to Cities and Counties, you’ll find insights to help get you started working with municipalities. It offers suggestions for enhancing your awareness and understanding of the opportunities within this sector. Travelers experts can support you at every step, including help in prospecting local cities and counties, completing applications, delivering presentations, providing proposals and closing deals.

After you download the guide, find your local Travelers Public Sector territory manager and account executive, who can help you succeed in this unique market.

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Cities and counties do have unique exposures, but they can be a profitable way to diversify your book of business. View the infographic to learn more.

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