Errors & Omissions Coverage

As a professional operating in today’s increasingly litigious environment, you could easily be subject to allegations by unhappy clients who may feel they’ve been harmed by your actions or inactions. Errors and omissions (E&O) coverage is professional liability insurance that protects businesses and individuals against claims made for inadequate work or negligent actions. Travelers provides E&O coverage that can be customized to the unique risks faced by an assortment of professionals.

Travelers knows Errors & Omissions Coverage

Travelers understands that, regardless of how well you plan, the potential for mistakes in the performance of a professional service is still very real.  Your business' financial security can depend on how well protected you are from a lawsuit or claim.  For that reason Travelers E&O coverage offers protection for an array of emerging exposures and for losses resulting from negligence or errors and omissions in the performance of professional services.

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