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Help keep your college, university or private K-12 school protected with articles, tips and checklists around common education industry risks and how to prevent them.

Education Industry Resources

How Educational Institutions Can Take Advantage of Solar Panel Installations

With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability and stewardship, the education sector is reaping benefits from going green. Explore how educational institutions can take advantage of solar panels.

Solar panels on the roof of an educational facility.

Education Industry Resources

Innovation on Campus: Mindfulness, Body Awareness and Yoga to Improve Workplace Safety

For risk managers interested in incorporating mindfulness into safety training, here are some tips.

Risk manager practicing yoga at work.

Education Industry Resources

Innovation on Campus: Evolving Food Safety Training for Student Organizations

For risk managers considering online food safety training, here are several tips for developing a student-centered program.

Students serving food on campus.

Education Industry Resources

Innovation on Campus: Strategies for Risk Management

Being a risk manager requires innovation to stay ahead of evolving risks on campus. How you initiate and manage change can be critical to the success of important innovations.

Risk manager talking about strategies for risk management.