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Surety Bond Resources

10 Surety Contract Terms Explained

When exploring surety bonding options, you may come across unfamiliar contract terms. Learn more about surety bonds and contract language from Travelers today.

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Surety Bond Resources

Find the Right Construction Surety Provider — Look for These 4 Value-Added Services

It is important to evaluate the resources and tools a construction surety provider offers beyond the traditional surety to make the most of your investment. Learn more about value-added services to look for.

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Surety Bond Resources

5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Contract Surety Provider

Here are important differentiators to consider that may help you choose the right bond carrier for your needs.

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Surety Bond Resources

4 Reasons Contractors Fail and How to Mitigate Risk with the Right Planning

To determine the most common reasons contractors fail during periods of economic uncertainty, Travelers Construction Surety conducted an analysis of construction customer losses over time. Explore our findings on why construction projects fail.

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Surety Bond Resources

Understanding the Three Parties in a Surety Contract

Businesses that have relationships with suppliers, vendors or subcontractors may have a need for surety bonds. Surety bond involves three parties: the Principal, the Obligee and the Surety. Learn more about the parties in a surety contract.

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Surety Bond Resources

Benefits of Bank Fronted Surety Bonds

Bank fronted surety bonds can help companies maintain continuity of operations and avoid dipping into other funding resources such as their line of credit. Learn more about bank fronted surety bonds from Travelers now.

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Surety Bond Resources

4 Advantages of Surety Bonds for Healthcare Organizations

Here are four ways that surety bonds can be an advantage over bank-issued letters of credit (LOCs) for healthcare institutions.

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Surety Bond Resources

4 Ways the Right Surety Bond Provider Can Help Construction Companies Succeed

When choosing a construction surety bond provider, it’s important to consider what they offer beyond the traditional bond. Explore four ways the right surety provider could help drive more successful outcomes for your projects.

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