Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Lightning strikes in an open field.


Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Lightning Safety Tips

Lightning safety precautions can help you to stay safe in a lightning storm. Get lightning safety tips from Travelers.

Lightning strike across the sky

Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Lightning Safety Outdoors

During a lightning storm, it is best to seek shelter. But if you are stuck outside, follow these tips for lightning safety outdoors from Travelers.

Lightning flashes in the night sky.

Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Protecting Your Home from Lightning

Home lightning protection systems can help protect your property against lightning damage. Learn more about lightning protection for homes with Travelers.

Lightning strikes homes.

Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Severe Convective Storms: A Preparedness Guide for Business Resilience

Understand the risks severe storms pose to business owners with this comprehensive guide. Travelers offers insight to help protect your employees and property.

Lightnings strike in the sky over buildings.