Wildfire burning out of control on a dry mountain range.

Ways to Help Protect Your Business

Ways to Help Protect Your Home and Loved Ones


How to Help Prepare for a Wildfire

Learn how to prepare for a wildfire, including tips for before the fire starts, and as it approaches and passes. Get wildfire safety tips from Travelers.

Wildfire near homes.


Air Quality Health Concerns Related to Wildfire Smoke

Here are some steps to help protect employees from poor air quality due to chemicals, gases and fine particles contained in smoke and ash from wildfires.

Wildfire smoke.


Using Technology to Help Homeowners Begin to Rebuild After a Property Loss

Most homeowners know how fickle Mother Nature can be. From hurricanes and hailstorms to wildfires, sometimes there's little you can do to avoid the risk of property damage and loss.

Man using technology to forecast weather.