HEART: The Travelers Promise

Travelers employee discussing with customer.

Imagine losing all your worldly possessions, including the roof over your head. One Illinois homeowner – we’ll call him John – tragically experienced just that when his home burned down. But the Travelers Claim CorpsSM team was there, during his time of need, and delivered on its promise to help him recover.

After John lost his home to a fire, he knew he needed to file an insurance claim. But other than that, he had a lot of questions. He wasn’t sure if he could rebuild, what items he would need to repair or replace, and where he would live while he was rebuilding or searching for a new home.

Fortunately, John didn’t have to face this uncertainty alone. The Travelers Claim Corps team was there to help John successfully navigate through the chaos. Among the things they did was set him up with temporary housing and then help him understand what to expect during his claim.

A True Team Effort

John said that he was pleasantly surprised with the assistance he received from his Travelers Claim Corps team.

“I have heard horror stories from friends with other insurance companies, but from the moment I called the Travelers Claim line, I felt comforted,” John said. “The people at Travelers did everything they promised to do.”

The Travelers team acted quickly, guiding John through his next steps.

Property Claim professional Megan P. helped John secure semi-permanent housing within five days after the fire. John said finally having a roof over his head gave him a greater sense of stability.

“Megan was prompt, attentive and simply amazing,” he said.

Kimberly M., a Travelers outside contents Claim professional, assisted John with determining what items had been damaged during the fire.

“She was swift and attentive, helping me worry less about forgetting things,” John said. “She even found prices on items that I didn’t know could be found. She does a stellar job.”

The Travelers team not only helped John recover his past, but also build his future. When it came down to the brass tacks of rebuilding, John said his Travelers Technical Specialist Claim professional, Asah W., was top-notch.

“He worked well with my builder and checked on me to see how I was doing. I was impressed by how much Asah cared,” John said.

The Travelers Promise

Taking care of customers who need help amidst unimaginable loss is our job. We sweat the small stuff so they don’t have to. This is why Travelers uses our own experienced Claim professionals rather than outsourcing to third parties. It’s also why we invest in digital tools that deliver flexibility and personalized service, as well as innovative technology that uncovers as many details as possible about our customers’ losses.

We’re always gratified to hear how our people and tools help customers like John recover and rebuild.

“For this, I thank you! I am blessed to be part of the Travelers family,” John said.

Honoring our promise to care through science, data and heart, Megan, Kimberly and Asah, along with the rest of the Travelers Claim Corps team, are ready to help our customers in their time of need.

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