Encouraging Lifelong Civic Learning

Beginning of the United States Constitution reading "We the People".

In collaboration with our nonprofit partners, Travelers promotes not only awareness of the issues of the day but also lifelong knowledge of – and participation in – the functioning of our democracy. Our employees have access to nonpartisan resources on everything from the First Amendment to the filibuster, and we are also dedicated to the civic engagement of our future workforce. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, we support nonpartisan programming for younger generations that sparks family conversations about civic engagement.

Voting and Elections

In our representative democracy, your vote is your voice. At Travelers, we’re working to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, both within our employee population and beyond. In addition to hosting voter registration drives and promoting awareness of upcoming elections within our Travelers offices, we are investing in a culture of democratic participation in our communities by supporting voter registration drives at events like the Travelers Championship and partnering with organizations to reach young adults and foster a lifelong commitment to voting.

More About Travelers

With a focus on equity and inclusion, we target our giving and volunteerism to help improve academic and career success, develop thriving neighborhoods and create culturally enriched communities.

Volunteers lift wooden wall framing into position.

Our mission is to leverage Travelers’ industry and technical expertise, along with insights from private and public sector experts, to help address the most pressing challenges facing our industry, our customers and the communities we serve.

NYSE panel on cyber security.

Sustainability at Travelers means performing today, transforming for tomorrow and fulfilling our promise to our customers, communities and employees.

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