Building a Civically Engaged Community

At Travelers, many of our employees are actively involved in the civic life in their communities as members of their local economic development commission, city council, board of education and more. They are bringing the skills and qualities that make them great employees at Travelers out to their communities and in turn are developing leadership and other skills that they can carry over to their work at Travelers.

Through Citizen TravelersSM, we showcase the many ways to contribute, share information and inspire others to get involved as well. Through our internal Citizen Travelers portal, our civic-minded employees are connecting across geographies and interest areas, seeking advice on mutual challenges and supporting each other’s dedication to the civic life. By creating new avenues of collaboration among civic leaders in communities across the U.S., we are working together to strengthen our communities and our country.

Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth

When Elizabeth first moved into her neighborhood, she worried about the derelict houses on her block—and the danger they could pose to the community. But when she heard gunshots in her front yard, she knew it was time for her to act. Elizabeth got involved with her elected Neighborhood Council, organizing an inventory of abandoned properties. Then she contacted Habitat for Humanity, which purchased and renovated some of the houses. And that was only the beginning: When people saw the changes, they were inspired to join in—transforming the entire neighborhood. “It was amazing,” Elizabeth says. Now, when she hears people say, “Someone should fix this!” she spreads the word: “It's up to us.”

Employee Spotlight: Deborah

When friends first encouraged her to run for a seat on the local board of education, Deborah declined. Then she came to see it as a chance to share her knowledge and expand her commitment to her community. Now she’s the board chair, taking the leadership skills she developed at work and using them to spread positive change in her town – even shepherding the construction of a new middle school. She might have started this journey with “I’m not a politician,” but now when someone asks her about running for an office she says “Go for it.”

Employee Spotlight: Ryan

People walking through his hometown and admiring the new sidewalks, lights and landscaping probably don’t know who made it all happen. Commuters on a new seaplane service probably won’t know either. That’s because Ryan is a volunteer leading the local economic development commission, and those are just some of the accomplishments he points to as helping keep the town he loves beautiful and vibrant. And he’s always looking for more help and more ideas. “Most of our communities are run by volunteers,” he says, “and without people stepping up, things just wouldn’t happen.”

Employee Spotlight: Krishna

As the child of immigrants who became naturalized citizens, Krishna has never forgotten the pride her parents took in voting. Now a lawyer, she’s helping others fulfill the promise of representative democracy through her work with Election Protection. She’s a guide through the registration process, getting people to the polls and ensuring they have the opportunity to vote. “It’s great to work for a company that supports civic engagement,” she says, but perhaps her biggest reward is in the eyes of those first-timers she has helped. “After they’ve voted and they come out, they’re so excited.”

Powering the Polls

Trish, Lisa and Tom share their experiences as election officials, each assuming a pivotal responsibility in ensuring their community’s election runs smoothly and is fair and accessible for all. Lisa’s county, like most around the country, faces a shortage of poll workers to staff elections – which she saw as an opportunity to actively volunteer and fulfill her civic duty. For Tom, being a poll worker gave him the chance to educate electors on the steps involved to maintain the integrity of the voting process. Trish served as an election judge in her county, driven by a desire to enhance unity and foster greater understanding. These Travelers employees exemplify steadfast leadership in their communities – evolving from concerned citizens to inspiring election officials, committed to civic service and democratic values.

More About Travelers

With a focus on equity and inclusion, we target our giving and volunteerism to help improve academic and career success, develop thriving neighborhoods and create culturally enriched communities.

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Our mission is to leverage Travelers’ industry and technical expertise, along with insights from private and public sector experts, to help address the most pressing challenges facing our industry, our customers and the communities we serve.

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