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Oil and gas industry — Contact us

Travelers Oil & Gas underwriters work exclusively with oil and gas accounts and understand the complexities and unique exposures our customers face every day. They have deep knowledge of the energy sector which allows them to provide customized insurance options based on the individual needs of each customer. Contact us today to learn more.

Area Contact
Patrick Devine, Business Development Director
Phone: 281.606.8556
All other states Joel Parise, Regional Vice President
Phone: 720.200.8290

Independent agent or broker inquiries: W. Russ Marton, Vice President Travelers Oil & Gas 281.606.8610

Other inquiries: James Erredge, Second Vice President Travelers Oil & Gas 651.310.5673

Claim Services: Report a Claim Online 800.238.6225 David Millam Claim Practice Lead, Oil & Gas

Risk Control Services: Erich Watkins National Director, Oil & Gas

24-hour Well Control Hotline & Training Information: Wild Well Control, Inc. 281.784.4700

Travelers agents can visit Agent HQSM for exclusive content. If you experience any difficulty logging in, please email or call Agency Automation at 800.842.2522.

If you are interested in becoming a Travelers agent, please visit our Become an Agent page.

For further information or to purchase Oil & Gas insurance products and services from Travelers, please contact an independent Oil & Gas insurance agent or broker.

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Risk Control Services

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Learn about your risks and manage losses with Risk Control resources.

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