Property Claim Capabilities

A Travelers property claim agent flying a drone over a home after a storm.

Helping you navigate your property claim

When your business or personal property is damaged, you need claim support that considers your specific needs, and Travelers is investing to ensure you get it.

With Travelers, you’re supported by a team of Claim professionals with the knowledge and training to assist you with all types of property claims, and the tools and technologies that can help you get back to normal. We can also give you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to file a claim.

Here are some of the ways we’re improving the claim experience.

Red Travelers van with logo reading "Travelers Claim Response Team" at the site of a storm.

Responding to Catastrophic Events

Our dedicated Catastrophe Response Team and National Catastrophe Center coordinate response activity as a situation develops. In the event of a large catastrophe, we have thousands of employees ready to help. Our investments in this space allow us to resolve most claims within 30 days1.

1 Based on Personal and Business Insurance catastrophe claim data, 2018-2022

Large fans drying a room with water damage.

Help When You Need It

When you file a property claim, Travelers can offer you dispatch services for water and fire mitigation, tree removal, and temporary repairs.  We can also assist with finding short-term housing. This means you’ll have more of the resources you need to get back to normal even before an inspection takes place.

Property inspector measuring a house with virtual measurement phone app.

Flexible Inspection

Property losses can vary greatly in terms of size, scope, nature. Our investments in predictive models help us choose the right inspection method — from capturing precise exterior measurements with smartphones to virtual or on-site inspections using drones — we tailor our approach to ensure accurate and efficient assessments for your claim.

Contractor in a yellow hard hat measuring a wall.

Connecting You to Contractors

It’s hard to find good repair help. With MyTravelers Repair Network for Property you get access to 10,000+ vetted contractors who will perform high-quality repairs for your claim. This simple and convenient digital experience is backed by a workmanship warranty for up to five years.

Learn more about the capabilities that power our claim processes below.