Staff Counsel

Our Staff Counsel offices, which are located across the country, are managed with the primary goal of providing excellent legal service and outstanding legal results. We also have continual local and national quality reviews with subject matter experts to ensure a high-quality legal product, vigorous local management and high-performance expectation for optimal litigation outcomes.  

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Our specialized areas of focus include: Auto Liability and First Party, Construction Liability, Fire Liability, Property, Trucking, General Liability, Subrogation, Workers Compensation, Public Sector (including Indian Nation), Ocean Marine (including Boat and Yacht) and Advertising Injury.

The Travelers Staff Counsel organization is committed to delivering superior litigation services with:

  • Effective resolution strategies that result in lower costs to our clients.
  • Service that resolves cases at the earliest practicable point in litigation.
  • Talent that delivers exceptional local legal services to customers around the world.