Nurse and Medical Resources

Often ranked as the most trusted profession in the United States1, nurses play a pivotal role in responding to the medical needs of injured employees during workers compensation claims. Working alongside Claim professionals, our nurses use their demonstrated aptitude for connecting with injured employees to ensure your employees are fully supported throughout their claim and recovery. Additionally, Travelers patented nurse triage methodology assigns nurses to claims where they can add value early in the claim process.

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ConciergeCLAIM® Nurse

ConciergeCLAIM® Nurse helps your injured employees navigate the claim process with nurses located at health care clinics across the country.

Our nurses can meet with injured employees face to face and use their medical background to facilitate care recommended by medical providers. They’re also able to set expectations about the claim process, thereby reducing uncertainty and the potential for litigation.

TravCare® Nurse Line

The TravCare® Nurse Line is staffed by nurses committed to helping employers and their employees manage the impact of a workplace injury.

With TravCare® Nurse Line, injured employees receive immediate medical guidance from a nurse who can recommend the appropriate level of care using evidence-based medical guidelines. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed by both English- and Spanish-speaking nurses.

Additionally, injured employees can leverage telemedicine solutions to connect with healthcare providers for diagnosis and treatment without the need to travel.

CM Plus for Medical Only Claims

We provide the flexibility to assign nurses to medical-only claims where there is a risk of future lost-time days or of increased medical care.

Return-to-Work Coordination

With the support of our nurses, Claim professionals communicate with the injured employee, medical providers and employers to ensure the injured employee is on track to return to work when medically appropriate.

Utilization Review

Our nurses also work with providers and injured employees to ensure treatment is related to a workplace injury, therefore eliminating unnecessary office visits.

Biopsychosocial Approach

We take a holistic approach to your injured employees’ recovery, assessing the biological, psychological and social factors that may impact an injury or illness. Identifying these factors early in the recovery process allows our nurses to intervene when necessary and ensures that injured employees are fully supported from the very beginning. Investment in nursing resources and technologies like virtual coaching can help injured employees address the many factors of a workplace injury and may lead to better claim outcomes. By treating their workplace injury in totality, injured employees build their resilience and coping skills, potentially reducing time away from work and the incidence of chronic pain.