What to Expect After Filing Your Auto Claim

AUTO CLAIM PROCESS Contact Travelers after an incident. Decide Not to file Claim. File claim – Determine coverage – Estimate Damage – Issue payment for repairs* Issuing payment depends on your claim facts and the coverages that apply which includes assessment of your deductible.

If you’re insured with Travelers, here’s what you can expect after filing your auto claim.

1. We’ll confirm the details of your loss, share applicable coverages and provide next steps

If you’ve filed your claim through MyTravelers®, you’ll be provided with applicable coverages and next steps there. You may also be eligible to schedule your repair1,2 and arrange for a rental vehicle in MyTravelers.

Registering for MyTravelers allows you to communicate with us through secure messaging, view your claim status, see payment details and share documents.

If you’re working with a Claim professional, they’ll be able to provide you with information on these topics as well.

2. Have your vehicle damages assessed

Next, we’ll suggest the best way to have your vehicle damages appraised.1

Appraisal methods may include the MyTravelers® Repair Network,2 which offers you access to a large network of auto repair facilities that can appraise and repair your vehicle, and virtual inspection,1 which allows us to inspect your vehicle without the need for you to wait for an appraiser to assess the car in person.

Our recommended appraisal channel is intended to get you to resolution as quickly as possible.

3. Have your vehicle repaired

Next, you’ll get your vehicle repaired, when applicable. If your damages were assessed by a repair shop in the MyTravelers Repair Network, the shop will guide you through the repair process.1 

Otherwise, you’ll need to provide your repair shop with your Travelers approved estimate. If needed, we can help you find repair shops. 

If additional damages are found after repairs have begun, the shop will contact Travelers to discuss repairing any damage not included in your estimate. If your vehicle is not repairable, a Travelers Claim professional will work with you to resolve your total loss claim.

4. Payment for your damages

Generally, when the loss is covered by your policy, Travelers will pay you or the loan or lease company, if applicable. You will pay your deductible right to the repair shop.

You may be eligible for ePay, which allows money to be deposited directly into your bank or PayPal account.

Even in situations where you are not at fault, if your vehicle is being repaired, you are still responsible for paying your deductible. In addition, we may attempt to recover money from responsible third parties through a process called subrogation.

5. If someone has been injured in your auto accident

Please make sure you let us know if you or anyone else was injured in the accident.

For injury claims in New Jersey, we are required to inform you about the New Jersey Decision Point Review/Certification Plan. Please refer to the New Jersey Decision Point Information.

 Still have questions? Contact a Travelers Claim professional.

1 Customers have the right to choose where their vehicle will be appraised (depending on state) and/or repaired and are under no obligation to use a repair facility in our network.

2 Not available in every state.

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