Understanding Total Loss

Your vehicle is a total loss. What now?

To help us resolve your claim quickly, here are the six things you should do and know. It is important you complete the steps below in order.

1. Remove all personal belongings from inside your vehicle and remove any personal items attached to the outside of your vehicle as soon as you are advised your vehicle is a total loss.

This includes license plates, if necessary, and any available transponders, EZPasses, parking passes, car magnets, garage door openers, sunglasses, USB cords, etc.

2. You should also reset your vehicle's infotainment system (radio/Apple CarPlay, etc.) or delete any personal information you may have uploaded into that system.

This may include, but is not limited to, contact lists, photos, addresses, Bluetooth pairings, etc. Check the owner’s manual for reset features.

3. Tell the body shop or tow yard that you are releasing your vehicle to Travelers.

We will have your vehicle picked up, usually within 24 hours. If applicable, review and complete any required release forms, and review any invoices for accuracy and retain them for possible reimbursement. Releasing the vehicle to Travelers allows us to move your vehicle and avoid additional storage fees. If you do not release the vehicle, you may be responsible for those additional storage fees.

4. Give your Claim professional the original title, your keys/key fob and, if applicable, your lease/lien information.

The title may be in the possession of your lienholder or leasing company. Call your loan/lease provider and give them permission to provide information about your account to Travelers. Let them know Travelers will be contacting them regarding the release of your title. Always consult with your Claim professional before entering your mileage and signing your title and/or transfer of ownership documents. States require your paperwork to be error-free.

5. Complete any required forms.

You may need to give Travelers power of attorney or complete a transfer of ownership. If you sign a Power of Attorney, it allows Travelers to act on your behalf to facilitate the transfer of ownership of the vehicle. If you have not received these forms, they will be sent to you shortly. A FedEx label will also be provided in order for you to send your title and/or other documents to Travelers, 60 Lakefront Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14202. In states that allow electronic signature, your Claim professional will discuss how to complete these forms electronically.

For help with signing your title in any of these states, click on the drop-down below for state-specific instructions:

6. Talk to your Claim professional about the value of your vehicle.

We evaluate your vehicle’s Actual Cash Value or Market Value by determining how much your vehicle could have been sold for today before it was damaged. We use industry-accepted tools and resources to locate vehicles similar to yours to help us reach a determination. In some cases, vehicle enhancements may add value to your totaled vehicle. Routine maintenance performed on your vehicle will not typically increase its value.

7. Begin your search for a replacement vehicle.

As soon as you know that your vehicle is a total loss, you should immediately start the process of replacing your vehicle. If you have rental coverage, we can approve a rental vehicle for an amount of time reasonably required to obtain a replacement vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle on your policy, you may utilize the MyTravelers® website or app to replace or remove a vehicle. If you only have one vehicle, you can contact your agent or service representative to update your policy. Contact information is located on your declarations page or insurance ID card.

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