I Filed My Claim. What's Next?


We’ll contact you.

Shortly after filing your claim, you may receive a communication with your claim number and your Travelers Claim professional’s contact information. Next, your Claim professional will contact you to walk you through the claim process.

Here’s what you can do in the meantime:

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We’ll evaluate your loss.

Your Claim professional will review your coverage and may meet with you to gather more information. Or, depending on the loss, they may not need to meet in person and can evaluate the loss using documents or photos. As part of their evaluation, they may contact other involved parties and gather additional information. Your Claim professional will keep you updated during this time.


We’ll resolve your claim.

After your Claim professional determines the amount of your covered loss and applies any applicable deductible, they can either send you a check in the mail or you can have your payment sent electronically via one of our ePay options, which allows money to be directly deposited into your bank or PayPal account.


We may try to recover your deductible.

If another person or entity caused your loss, Travelers may seek reimbursement from them or their insurance carrier. If there’s a recovery, some or all of your deductible may be reimbursed. We may need your help during this process and ask that you be patient, as it may take some time.

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