Resources for the Energy Industry

Landscape view of solar farm at sunset, with wind turbines in the background.

Understanding the risks and opportunities of energy installations

Resources for the Energy Industry

5 Opportunities for U.S. Offshore Wind Development

Increasingly affordable wind energy, rising demand and promising development sites along Atlantic seabeds are all driving growth for offshore wind in the United States.

Wind farm shown out in the ocean.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Why Vegetation Management Is Vital to Renewable Energy

When vegetation management is neglected, you put your business at risk of equipment damage and other losses. Learn how proper vegetation management is vital to renewable energy.

Plant image.

Resources for the Energy Industry

4 Weak Links in Renewable Energy's Global Supply Chain

As efforts for a more sustainable future increase, so does the demand for renewable energy. This demand exposes threats to the renewable energy supply chain. Explore the weak links in renewable energy’s global supply chain now.

Solar panels on shop floor in industrial warehouse.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Technology Growth and Risks

Advancements in battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), technology come with unique risks. Learn what’s happening in the BESS industry today.

Energy storage battery container units with solar and turbine farm.

Resources for the Energy Industry

6 Biomass Risks

Biomass energy producers and investors face unique risks in the renewable energy sector. Learn the biomass energy risks and how implementing safety measures protect business operations.

Three men talking outside of a power plant.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Crane Safety Tips for Wind Farm Construction and Maintenance

Moving a crane at a wind farm requires planning and following guidelines from engineers, manufacturers and site supervisors. Here are some key considerations.


Resources for the Energy Industry

Key Points to Understand When Considering Biomass Power Generation

When considering investment in biopower production, it’s important to understand the potential risks and benefits for your business. Here are six questions to ask.

Biomass power generation facility.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Risks

The growing demand for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems (BESS) is due to the benefits they provide consumers such as time shifting, improved power quality, better network grid utilization and emergency power supply.

Battery energy storage systems in wind turbines farm.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Tips for Solar Energy Installations

As rooftop solar installations age, operations and maintenance is increasingly important. Here are some ways to protect your solar installation investment.

Energy professional installing solar panels.

Resources for the Energy Industry

Predictive Maintenance at Solar and Wind Installations to Reduce Risks and Downtime

Predictive maintenance and IoT can help keep wind and solar installations operational, but preventive maintenance also remains important for the renewable energy industry.

Predictive Maintenance at Solar and Wind Installations to Reduce Risks and Downtime.

Resources for the Energy Industry

6 Tips to Help Stop Distracted Driving at Solar and Wind Farms

Wind and solar installations are often in remote locations, requiring driving on the job. Help protect employees from the dangers of distracted driving.

Employee driving on road next to wind farm.

Resources for the Energy Industry

3 Ways Surety Bonds Help Safeguard Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy stakeholders often turn to surety bonds to guarantee that all contractual obligations will be met.

Man inspecting solar panels.

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