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What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance coverage can help protect you, your business and your employees after a work-related injury or diseases.  

For employees, workers compensation insurance provides medical care, benefits for lost wages and more. For employers, workers compensation insurance provides peace of mind by helping your business avoid expensive civil litigation and providing support to injured employees to help them recover and return to work. See how our claim process works. 

Patient receiving physical therapy treatment from physical therapist.

Who is workers compensation insurance right for?

Travelers offers workers compensation protection for many industries, including the manufacturing and public sector industries. More than 500,000 customers trust Travelers to take care of their most precious business resource – their employees.

We are a leading workers compensation insurance carrier. We bring a nationwide network of experts and local expertise to you. Our Underwriting, Claims, Risk Control and Premium Audit teams are on the ground in every major state ready to work for you. 

Travelers is your strategic partner

Our industry-leading technology, actionable analytics and responsive teams can give you a strategic advantage. Our top priority is protecting your business and your people so injured employees can return to work as safely as possible.

Why choose Travelers for workers compensation insurance?

Travelers is an industry leader, the No. 1 writer of workers compensation insurance in the United States. Our experienced and collaborative teams strive to treat every customer, from the small business to the national multi-state business, as our most important customer. We help organizations facilitate safe work environments, lower claim costs, access care and help injured employees return to work.

We empower our customers with industry-leading technology, actionable analytics and responsive teams to keep employees safe and businesses healthy.  

We support many industries and environments, from factories to office suites to clerks and construction workers. 

Protect your employees

  • Medical expense benefits. 

  • Lost wage benefits. 

  • 2,000+ workers compensation Claim professionals to simplify the claims process. 

  • 500+ in-house nurses and medical professionals to ensure a timely return and smooth transition back to work when medically appropriate. 

Protect your business

  • May limit your liability if sued by an injured employee. 

  • Safety resources and expertise available to reduce workplace accidents. 

  • Investigative team for claims. 

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Flexible solutions

We are the nation's largest workers compensation carrier.  

One of the ways Travelers has become the nation's largest workers compensation insurance carrier is by offering flexible solutions that can be customized for your unique business needs. 

Responsive and reliable service

Our responsive and reliable service allows you to focus on your organization's success rather than responding to something that's gone wrong.

More businesses choose Travelers for workers compensation insurance because our services are designed to be better for you, your business and your employees. 

Innovative resources

We continually invest in innovative resources because it’s better for anticipating risks, better for workplace safety and better for meeting your business goals.  

Workers compensation insurance frequently asked questions

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What is workers compensation for small business?

Workers compensation insurance for small business helps provide protection for you, your business and your employees 

If a work-related injury or disease occurs, workers compensation insurance small business coverage helps provide protection for you and your employees. For injured employees, it helps provide important benefits like coverage for medical care costs and compensation for lost work time. 

Most states require small businesses to carry workers compensation insurance – even for temporary or seasonal workers. Workers compensation laws and regulations differ by state. But it doesn't need to be complicated. We’ll help you navigate through the process. 

MyTravelers® for injured employees

MyTravelers for injured employees offers digital enhancements to our industry-leading TravComp® model.

Learn about TravComp


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