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Insights to help protect your people, supply chain and reputation

Manufacturing Resources

Employee Injury Trends in Manufacturing

A single worker who is out for one day or more because of an injury may have a significant operational and financial impact on a company. Learn more about employee injury trends in manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturers E&O Coverage

E&O can provide protection where general and product liability can't. Travelers provides manufacturers E&O coverage that can be customized to the unique risks faced by manufacturers.

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Manufacturing Resources

Balancing the Risks of Technology Adoption in Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing technology can provide competitive advantages, but it also heightens operational risks. Discover how to effectively integrate new technology.

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Manufacturing Resources

Connected Manufacturing: The Technology Behind IoT

Manufacturers are adopting new technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability. To learn about ways manufacturers can take advantage of IoT technology and protect against risks, download the white paper from Travelers.

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Manufacturing Resources

Breweries and the Craft of Managing Risks

Whether you're just starting a brewery or are well-established, these brewery safety and risk management tips can help ensure it keeps running smoothly.

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Manufacturing Resources

6 Top Manufacturing Technology Trends: The Benefits and Risks

IoT can present both high risks and high rewards for manufacturers. Understanding both the opportunities and the potential downsides will help manufacturers. Learn more from Travelers.

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Manufacturing Resources

Improve Manufacturing Operations By Aligning Workers Compensation and Continuous Improvement Programs

Discover how manufacturers can enhance workplace safety and increase operational efficiency by integrating their workers compensation programs and continuous improvement plans.

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Manufacturing Resources

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Workers Compensation Carrier

Learn how choosing the right workers compensation insurance partner for your ergonomic needs can help you better manage claims and potentially reduce the risks for your organization.

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Manufacturing Resources

Top Causes of Manufacturing Injuries

Over 100,000 workplace injuries happen in manufacturing each year. Learn the top workplace injuries and how to help prevent them.

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Manufacturing Resources

20 Risks Facing the Manufacturing Industry

Consider these 20 emerging risks to manufacturing businesses and the specialized insurance solutions you can use to help protect your company.

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Manufacturing Resources

3 Steps to Help Attract and Retain Skilled Manufacturing Talent

Attracting, training and retaining employees is key to gaining a competitive advantage in manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Resources

How Much Excess Casualty Insurance Do Manufacturers Need?

As the costs of lawsuits continue to rise, buying excess casualty coverage can help protect your business.

How Much Excess Casualty Insurance Do Manufacturers Need.

Manufacturing Resources

The Potential of Connected Manufacturing

Here’s a look at six areas where the technology provides potential opportunities and risks.

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Manufacturing Resources

Understanding Connected Manufacturing

New technologies can bring both great opportunities and inherent risks. Here’s a look at four elements of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Manufacturing Resources

Why Equipment Replacement Costs Matter for Manufacturers

When manufacturing equipment goes down, it can derail production and lead to costly delays. Learn to help manage equipment replacement costs.

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