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Preparing tech companies for today's risks

Resources for Technology

Semiconductor Risks Facing Technology and Life Sciences

Explore Travelers’ insights and stay informed on semiconductor technology risks, including IT, electronic manufacturing, life sciences and telecom sectors.

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Resources for Technology

3 Semiconductor Risks to Electronics Manufacturers

Semiconductors are essential to advanced electronics manufacturing, yet this reliance creates increased risks.

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Resources for Technology

How Telecommunications Businesses Manage Semiconductor Risks

Delve into Travelers’ analysis of semiconductor risks in telecommunications. Gain insights to mitigate potential challenges and ensure resilience in the industry.

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Resources for Technology

Software Developers Beware of IT Risks from Semiconductors

Explore Travelers’ thorough findings on IT and semiconductor risks. Stay ahead in the fast-paced tech industry with expert guidance and proactive solutions.

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Resources for Technology

Life Sciences Companies Face New Risks with Semiconductors

Semiconductors are essential for medical advancements, yet this reliance creates risks. Learn strategic insights to navigate complexities and ensure resilience.

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Resources for Technology

The Future of Semiconductors Promises to Be a Period of Growth, Risk and Opportunity

Future semiconductor technologies promise more powerful, efficient and innovative processors and devices but also introduce new challenges and risks.

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Resources for Technology

Managing the Risks of Artificial Intelligence

For technology and life sciences companies, AI offers exciting opportunities and potential risks. Learn the risks of artificial intelligence to these businesses.

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Resources for Technology

A Large Price to Pay: Ransomware’s Urgent and Escalating Threats to Technology Companies

Technology and life sciences companies are at risk from ransomware because highly valuable intellectual property and consumer data make them prime targets.

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4 Common Risk Challenges for Emerging Technology Companies

Explore the four common risk challenges emerging technology companies face and how they can better position themselves should something go wrong.

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How Tech and Life Sciences Companies Can Capitalize on the AI Revolution and Manage the Risks

Reap the benefits while managing the risk of artificial intelligence. Learn how to mitigate risk while opening the door to pursue new opportunities with AI.

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Resources for Technology

Medical and Healthcare IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing medical and healthcare technology. Here’s a look at some opportunities and risks for technology software developers, IT companies and manufacturers.

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The Impact of Emerging Technology on Equipment

Learn how emerging technology is impacting equipment breakdown and five ways companies can prepare to be more resilient.

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Resources for Technology

Tech Platform Companies and the Gig Economy Face New Risks

The gig economy is growing, but tech companies need to understand the emerging risks.

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Supply Chain Technologies and How to Address Hidden Risks

Adding technologies to enhance current supply chain processes comes with risks and rewards. Learn how to address the risks.

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Resources for Technology

The Risks of BYOD

Learn about the risks of BYOD and how to create a bring your own device policy for your business, along with BYOD employee training tips from Travelers.

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Resources for Technology

Managing Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Managing intellectual property can help prevent unintentionally using unlicensed software. Learn more about intellectual property management from Travelers.

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Resources for Technology

How High-Tech Manufacturers Can Prepare for Global Risks

Operating internationally brings new business risks, from global product liability to supply chain interruption. Learn about global risk management.

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Resources for Technology

Defending Your Supply Chain from Counterfeit Electronic Parts

Help protect your supply chain against the risk of counterfeit electronic parts by knowing your suppliers and testing components. Learn more from Travelers.

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5 Ways Public Entities Apply Smart Tech to Enhance Transportation

The technologies being deployed to improve transportation systems present public entities with new risks.

Person parking smart bike, as part of smart city transportation.

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4 Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance Risks

Get smart on technology E&O coverage with these four items for tech companies to look for in the coverage.

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Resources for Technology

The Risks of IoT in Medicine and Healthcare

From the smallest sensors to entire operating room systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping to save lives and changing the practice of medicine.

Doctor using medical IoT to see patient X-rays.

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5 Ways Cities, Municipalities and Other Public Entities Use Smart Tech for Public Safety

Smart streetlights and predictive policing are two ways smart technology is used for public safety. Explore smart tech for public safety.

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Technology and Life Sciences Companies Face Unique Ransomware Risks

Learn how technology and life sciences companies face multiple impacts from ransomware attacks that can result in significant losses for technology and life sciences companies.

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Resources for Technology

5 Tips for Choosing Workers Compensation Insurance for Tech Companies

Does your tech company have workers comp coverage designed for the unique needs of tech companies? It can be a competitive advantage. Learn how.

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Resources for Technology

Managing Video and Social Media Policies for Law Enforcement Organizations

Videos and social media presents law enforcement with new risks. Here are five tips to help manage those risks.

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5 Keys to Choosing Global Coverage for Tech Companies

High-tech companies are operating in a global business environment, which can mean unprecedented opportunities as well as new and evolving risks.

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How Smart Cities Prepare for Technology Infrastructure Risks

Considering implementing smart city technology? Know the risks and how to help protect your public entity.

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How to Help Protect Your Intellectual Property

Registering intellectual property (IP) and using written agreements can help protect intellectual property.

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LED Lighting Risks of Maritime Radio Interference

LED lamps on smaller/coastal watercraft may cause electromagnetic interference, which can result in poor reception on VHF frequencies, according to a U.S. Coast Guard alert.

Ship in artic water minimizing LED lighting risks.

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Safely Managing E-Waste

E-waste management, including electronic waste disposal, can help protect your business from counterfeiters.

Pile of old computers can be considered e-waste.

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Preparing for the Risks of 3D Printing in Manufacturing

From property damage risks to intellectual property risks, learn four key risk categories for 3D printing that technology companies should understand.

Worker examining 3D printing object.

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14 Risks Facing Technology Companies and How to Help Protect Your Business

In the digital age, tech companies are often the backbone of their customers’ operations. Learn how Travelers insurance options can help tech companies add a layer of protection to their operations.

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Ransomware: Tech Industry's Cyber Crime Wave

We explore tech companies' real-life ransomware stories, discuss ways to avoid becoming the next victim, and what should be in place to accelerate recovery if a breach occurs.

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Resources for Technology

Protecting the Physical and Emotional Well-Being of Technology Industry Employees

From the new physical and procedural changes required to reopen and maintain healthy offices, to the social and emotional effects of working through the next phase of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 will have lasting effects on technology companies.

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