Protecting the Physical and Emotional Well-Being of Technology Industry Employees

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From the new physical and procedural changes required to reopen and maintain healthy offices, to the social and emotional effects of working through the next phase of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 will have lasting effects on technology companies. Hear key insights from Marcos Iglesias, VP and Chief Medical Director, Kirstin Simonson, Cyber Lead, Global Technology, and Courtney Phillips, Senior Risk Control Consultant.

Chapter #1

Mental Well-Being Challenges of Returning to the Office

Uncertainty, fear and anxiety are creating challenging conditions for tech industry employees as they prepare to return to the workplace, according to Marcos Iglesias, Travelers VP and Chief Medical Director

Learn more about the effects of the pandemic on mental health.

Chapter #2

Responding to Emotional and Social Issues as Employees Return to the Office

Managers and supervisors can play an important role in helping respond to the emotional and social issues that tech employees may be facing as they return to the workplace. Clear communication can help identify potential challenges.

Learn more about how to help employees as they return to work.

Chapter #3

Connecting Employee Mental Health & Physical Health

Our biological, psychological and social well-being are connected, and stress can lead to medical issues. Employees also may have avoided medical care for chronic conditions due to the COVID-19 crisis, which can have negative health effects.

Hear more about supporting employees’ mental and physical health.

Chapter #4

Helping Employees Prepare to Return to Work

Clear communication in advance about new policies and procedures can help improve employees’ comfort level about returning to work, according to Courtney Phillips, Senior Risk Control Consultant. Having a designated contact person can also help promote peace of mind.

See some other tips for helping employees prepare to return to work.

Chapter #5

Helping Reduce Cyber Threats from New Work Routines

Maintaining good cyber hygiene is especially important now, according to Kirstin Simonson, Cyber Lead, Global Technology. Employees may be more likely respond to a phishing attempt or social engineering attack if they are stressed or tired. Companies should upgrade their defenses and have a cyber incident response plan in the event of a cyber event.

Learn more steps to protect your networks as employees return to work.

Chapter #6

Health Consequences of Unemployment

The unemployed population has increased risk for physical and mental health issues, according to Dr. Marcos Iglesias. The medical risks of worklessness are equivalent to a 10-pack-a-day smoking habit.

Learn more about the health risks of worklessness.

Chapter #7

Pandemic-Related Phishing Scams

Employees who are under pressure during the pandemic may be more susceptible to today’s more sophisticated phishing emails, according to Kirstin Simonson, Cyber Lead, Global Technology. Tech companies should train employees to be increasingly vigilant for potential scams.  

Learn more about ways to help to protect your company.

Protecting the Physical and Emotional Well-Being of Technology Industry Employees


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