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How Travelers Works to Protect You

Travelers has the largest and most complete investigative unit in the industry. We have more than 250 trained experts who work closely with our claim professionals to identify and investigate suspected fraudulent claims. 75% of our staff has former law enforcement training, and 96% are field-based dedicated to outside investigative work.

Our philosophy is simple: strive to eliminate fraud and loss through innovative solutions by helping customers like you. Our business units specialize in the following:


Travelers Investigative Services has 31 investigators, including former fire marshals and law enforcement professionals, located throughout the country and dedicated to fire investigation services.

Our investigators lead the industry in specialized training and identifying ongoing safety issues surrounding certain products. Our Fire Unit works closely with Travelers Risk Control to create a seamless method for investigating fires and explosions. Our panel of fire specialists will be available when your business needs them most, to investigate suspicious activity related to a fire and to ensure your claim will benefit from the best available technical and analytical services.

Learn more about our Fire Unit.

Forensic Analysis

Our Forensic Analysis Unit builds upon dynamic technology to evaluate and improve current and future fraud detection patterns.

We serve as a liaison to other business groups throughout Travelers, as well as external industry groups, to be the first alert for emerging fraud trends. We play a major role in the investigation of increasingly sophisticated criminal activity and are always on the cutting edge of constantly evolving business technology, working tirelessly to help you and your business identify and deter fraudulent claim activity from this moment on.

Learn more about our Forensic Analysis Unit.

Medical Investigations

Medical fraud increases premiums, co-payments and taxes that cost the industry billions of dollars each year.

That's why Travelers has developed one of the most sophisticated medical fraud investigations programs in the industry. Through continuous development and testing of new and innovative fraud identification systems, we work to detect fraud and abuse schemes and prevent them from happening to you and your employees. Our Medical Investigations Unit is committed to helping protect you and your employees from becoming victims of medical fraud schemes and abusive practices.

Learn more about our Medical Investigations Unit.


Our Prosecution Unit works with local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as state insurance fraud bureaus, to fight individuals and groups who commit insurance fraud.*

We strive to increase public awareness of insurance fraud crimes and to recover funds owed to Travelers for payments made on behalf of you, our customers, whenever appropriate. Active prosecution, better management of loss costs due to fraudulent activity, and uncompromised security are only a few of the benefits our Prosecution Unit offers your business.

Learn more about our Prosecution Unit.

* All states have mandatory reporting statutes except: Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, and Wyoming.


Our skillfully trained investigators actively pursue avenues of recovery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all inland marine and ocean-related losses your business may incur.

Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your business receives specialized investigative services for claims involving:

  • Cargo theft
  • Jeweler's block
  • Art and antiques
  • Heavy equipment
  • Boat and yacht

Our close relationship with other regional Travelers Investigative Services personnel, claim professionals and clients like you helps us sustain successful outcomes when it comes to investigating theft and recovering cargo and other stolen property.

Learn more about our Specialty Unit.

Staff Counsel

The Staff Counsel Investigative Unit works closely with our Staff Counsel Attorneys to identify critical information to help defend litigation against our policyholders.

Our team members are seasoned and experienced investigators who have demonstrated knowledge of legal processes, court systems, and civil litigation procedures. This knowledge allows us to recognize the needs of your business and to customize our product to your unique jurisdiction. Successful litigation management helps stop fraud in its tracks. We want you to keep your heard-earned money where it belongs, working for the good of your business.

Learn more about our Staff Counsel Unit.


Our surveillance team members and claim professionals work together to develop a customized investigative plan that enhances our ability to provide important, relevant information about an individual's outside activity.

Our investigators work with professional private investigation firms on a daily basis to guide and coordinate surveillance activities, achieving reliable results for a reasonable price. Once surveillance has been obtained, our professionals work to determine what follow-up investigation may be needed. All efforts are designed to provide our claim professionals the information necessary to achieve the right outcomes for your business claims.

Learn more about our Surveillance Unit.