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How You Can Protect Yourself

Staged accidents

If you see traffic slowing, apply the brake; don't tailgate. If you are in a collision, count the number of passengers in the other cars, and if possible, get names, telephone numbers, and license plate numbers. More people than were actually in the vehicle will often file claims. Call the police to the scene and get a police report, even if there is little damage. If possible, take photographs of the damage to the other vehicle to help your insurance company validate high auto repair bills. 


Business owners should notify their insurance company of all claims, identifying those they believe are suspicious. If you're a customer who witnesses a slip-and-fall and are suspicious of its authenticity, notify a store employee or the store manager.

Workers compensation fraud

If you suspect a co-worker is faking an injury, notify your employer or manager immediately. In some instances, the high costs associated with this fraud have resulted in companies going out of business.

Medical fraud

Review your medical bills thoroughly. Make sure the treatments you were billed for were the treatments you received. If not, notify your insurance company. Be skeptical if your medical provider is prescribing excessive treatment for muscle sprains. Although the following practice is common and may be legitimate, be wary of medical providers who direct patients to a specific attorney and vice versa.

For more information about how to protect yourself against insurance fraud and its red flags, visit the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud's Web site: