The Travelers Business Insurance Sales and Service Center

The helping hands at the Travelers Business Insurance (BI) Sales and Service Center might be just the growth engine your agency needs. Let our team care for your customers with the gold standard of support they’ve come to expect from you – so you’re freed up to do what you do best. 

See How One Agency Principal Put Our Helping Hands to Work for His Business.

John Smith owns an insurance agency that might look a lot like yours. He knew small businesses represented big opportunities, but he didn’t have the time or the people power to pursue them. Until he partnered with the Travelers BI Sales and Service Center.
A team of helping hands jumped in to provide customer support. They also went to work cross-selling and adding valuable new business to his top line. The partnership helped the Smith Insurance Agency’s retention increase above projections . . . and grow from mini to mighty.

Get to Know the Helping Hands of the Travelers BI Sales and Service Center

Save Time and Money

  • Many agencies that use the Travelers Business Insurance Sales and Service Center for their book save $30,000 and 1,300 hours annually or more in time and resources spent servicing customers.
  • Travelers is the only carrier that provides a dedicated Agency Program Manager to your agency to help you get the most value out of the Service Center.
  • Our helping hands serve as a single point of contact, so while your customers are getting a gold-standard experience with our team, you’re getting exceptional attention with one streamlined point of contact for all your Service Center needs.  

Revenue Growth

  • The Travelers Business Insurance Sales and Service Center consistently generates additional revenue for agents through cross-selling of additional lines gives new business acquisition. This leaves you valuable time to focus on growing your agency.
  • What’s even better—Travelers will pay you the FULL commission for any additional policies we sell on an existing account.  
  • For any new business leads on new accounts, you can easily connect with our Service Center and they’ll go to work adding policies and accounts to your Travelers portfolio. 

Client Retention and Customer Satisfaction

  • Agencies that used Travelers Business Insurance Sales and Service Center saw an increase in retention compared to agents that did not use the Service Center.
  • Our customer interactions are world-class. A whopping 96% of Service Center insureds rated their experience a nine or a ten on a scale of one to ten.  
  • When we connect with your customers, we resolve 95% of their inquiries within THE FIRST call. 

For more information, contact your Travelers sales executive or call the BI Sales and Service Center at 888.661.3938.

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