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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday distractions can leave us vulnerable to seasonal spikes in theft. Help protect your car, home and business from the top five types of holiday theft.

How to Help Prevent Offline Identity Fraud

Travelers claim data shows that 44% of identity fraud happens after losing a wallet or purse.

How to Protect Yourself from Package Theft and ID Fraud

From ID theft to car break-ins and package theft, the holiday season is a peak time for theft.

Online Identity Theft Prevention

Online identity theft is a growing problem with the rise in popularity of online shopping.

Preventing Tax Fraud and Identity Theft

Tax fraud identity theft is on the rise. Help protect yourself during tax season by filing early to prevent tax fraud ID theft.

What to Do if Identity is Stolen

ID Fraud is the fastest-growing white collar crime. Learn what to do if your identity is stolen, including who to contact in case of ID fraud.