Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

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The Wedding Protector Plan® from Travelers helps couples protect their special day, which can be a significant financial investment. Hoping, planning and dreaming sometimes just isn't enough. A wedding insurance policy can help safeguard you against the most common wedding-related losses. For example, 31% of Travelers wedding claims in 2022 were due to vendor issues and 19% were due to property damage caused by wedding day accidents. Weather problems, illness/injuries and more account for the rest of the most common wedding insurance claims. Review this infographic to see how wedding insurance can help protect your big day:

Helping to Protect Weddings

As you embark on your wedding planning adventure, it’s important to consider unplanned scenarios that could impact your big day. For example, some of the most common claims we saw in 2022 included:

  • Vendor Issues - 31%
  • Property damage - 19%
  • Weather - 16%
  • Illness/Injury - 15%
  • Attire - 9%
  • Deployment - 4%
  • Other - 6%

Get a quote for wedding insurance from Travelers now and have your special day covered!

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