2022 Distracted Driving for Business

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As more workers return to the roadways, what's happening when they're behind the wheel? Here's a look at key findings from the 2022 Travelers Risk Index.

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The 2022 Travelers Risk Index indicates drivers are anxious and stressed when behind the wheel and it uncovers that the workplace may actually contribute to distracted driving.

In fact, the majority of employers (86%) expect their employees to respond to work-related messages when they are out of the office during work hours. And 42% of drivers admit to engaging in work-related communications, including phone calls, texts or emails, while driving. Some of the reasons they give for doing so include feeling they always need to be available, or it might be an emergency.

Business managers can help put a stop to this dangerous behavior by communicating and reinforcing driving policies, speaking up when a colleague is driving distracted and not calling employees when they know they are behind the wheel. 

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