2022 Travelers Risk Index: Cyber

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In the ninth installment of the Travelers Risk Index survey, over 1,200 business leaders said they believe the business world is riskier than it was a year ago. Cyber, however, was still the single biggest business concern. Notably, 57% of business leaders think it is inevitable that, at some point in the future, their company/organization will be the victim of a cyber attack. Additionally, 80% of business leaders reported difficulty keeping up with the evolving cyber landscape, including the latest information and developments.

Despite increased worry about broad economic uncertainty, fluctuations in oil/energy costs, supply chain risks and the ability to attract and retain talent, cyber risks remained the number one overall business concern.

The Travelers Risk Index provides an annual snapshot of risk viewpoints from companies of various sizes (small, medium, large) and industries, including transportation, healthcare, construction, banking and financial services, real estate, manufacturing, technology, professional services, wholesalers, retail and nonprofits.

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