Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos Instructional Videos

Looking for instructions on how to conduct air sampling or noise dosimetry? You came to the right place.

Air Sampling

3M Type 3520 Two-section Organic Vapor Monitor (5:42 minutes)
High-flow Sampling Pump With Open or Closed-face Filter Cassettes (10:33 minutes)
High-flow Sampling Pump With Respirable Dust Cyclone (9:24 minutes)
Organic Vapors and Solvents Low Flow With Sorbent Tube (9:14 minutes)

Noise Sampling

Casella Noise Dosimeter Model CEL-350 (11:17 minutes)
Metrosonics Noise Dosimeter Model db3060 Basic Instructions (10:19 minutes)

Shipping and Handling

Before Sampling (1:57 minutes)
After Sampling (6:38 minutes)

Return Equipment to:

Travelers Laboratory, 90 Lamberton Road, Windsor, CT 06095