Horse/Equine Insurance Coverage

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Don’t let uninsured risks run away from you

Whether a personal horse owner, stable owner, breeder or trainer, you understand the strong commitment of caring for and protecting your companion and investment. Your insurance coverage needs to be thorough, too. Travelers can tailor horse and stable insurance coverage options to meet your property, liability and operational needs. As challenging as the trail you're riding on may be, Travelers Agribusiness can help protect you and your interests.

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Who is equine insurance right for?

  • Commercial equine operations:
    • Boarding
    • Breeding 
    • Lessons and riding programs
    • Shows/clinics
    • Training 
  • Horses owned for private personal use
  • Stable owners

Insurance for horse owners coverage

The below are our key coverages and enhancements. Speak to your agent today to learn about all we have to offer.

Coverage options include: 

Stable Liability – coverage for stable owners’ operations  

Care, Custody and Control  –  covers livestock that is in your care, custody and control  

Equine Professional Services Endorsement  –  liability for trainers; property damage coverage for non-owned horses

Property Endorsement  

  • Up to $10,000 for damage or loss to tack and equipment 
  • $1,500 for spoilage of animal health products  
  • $5,000 for replacement signs  
  • $3,000 for fences, corrals and pens 

Optional coverage enhancements:

  • Care, custody and control
  • Equine professional services endorsement
  • Equine property endorsement
  • Personal liability
  • Stable liability

Special liability coverages include: 

Commercial equine liability and personal liability  

Standard coverages for dwellings as well as expanded options for high-valued homes and excess liability, household and scheduled personal property  

Additional coverages such as pollutant and debris cleanup and fire department services  

Optional coverages such as those for disruption of operations, business income and computer failure 



Insurance for farms and ranches

From crop storage to chemical drift, farm and ranch operations have a unique set of needs and risks.

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