Premium Audit Printable Forms

Policyholder reports (PHR)

Refer to your online invitation letter to determine if payroll or sales (or both) are requested and choose from the following:  

Workers compensation or payroll-based general liability 

Sales-based general liability

Garage general liability 

Florida signature forms

If you are or are authorized by a partner, sole proprietor or corporate officer of a business that had employees working in the state of Florida during the policy period, you are required to complete one of the following forms. 

Florida Form OIR-B1-1561 

Florida Form OIR-B1-1562 

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How to prepare for your audit

Preparing for your audit is as simple as keeping proper records and documentation throughout your policy period. 

What you can expect in the audit process

The way that a Premium Audit is completed is determined based on premium size, type of operation and state requirements. 

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