Premium Audit Required Documents

Two types of documents are required to verify information submitted

Two types of documents are required to complete your audit: a primary source showing transactions or payments during your policy period and a secondary source, such as a tax document that is used to verify the primary source.   

  • Theprimary source documentshould match as closely to your policy period as possible. For payroll reports, you can round to the first of the month (it is acceptable to deviate from the policy period by 30 days).  For example, if your policy period is 6/15 - 6/15 you can provide payroll for 7/1 to 7/1 or 6/1 to 6/1.    

  • Thesecondary source documentsmay not line up with your policy period. If your policy period falls in the middle of the month, simply provide the most recent four filed quarterly (or annual) tax reports that most closely align with your policy period. 

How to provide documents

  • For in-person audits: Have records available and accessible to the auditor at the site of the audit. It is not required to print the documents. 

  • For online or paper mail-in audits: You are required to submit verification documents, which can be securely uploaded on the MyTravelers® Premium Audit site. You may need to have information from your source documents to input into form documents.  

Documents you need to provide to Travelers for your audit

The documents you need vary based upon the types of policies you have purchased and the basis upon which the premium for these policies was established: sales, payroll or other. If completing your audit online, once registered, you will be informed of the specific documents needed. If your audit is in person, your appointment confirmation letter will list required documents. If unsure, please contact customer service or your agent.  

  • Workers compensation: payroll-based 

  • General liability:    

    • Contractors & construction: payroll-based 

    • Manufacturers & mercantile: sales-based 

    • All other businesses: 

  • Garage liability: dealership, auto repair 

  • Commercial auto: vehicle-based 


Below is a guide to help determine which documents you will need to have available for your audit and what types of documents fulfill a requirement.

1 Definitions and requirements may vary by state. Contact your agent or producer with questions concerning your particular situation. Additional tests of independent status may apply.

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How to prepare for your audit

Preparing for your audit is as simple as keeping proper records and documentation throughout your policy period. 

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